Make it pop

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Hot stuff, new stuff, fun stuff, soon to be your stuff?

Mix, match and experiment all you want. There's no right or wrong. There's only you and the tale you'd like to tell. Understated with a subtle pop of colour? Go for it. Scandi chic goes rainbow galore? Love it. It's your call. And the great thing is: with the personal touches coming from home décor, you can keep on changing it along with your mood, situation, guests and overall creativity.  

Colours speak louder than words. Tell your tale. Live it up and make it pop.

The fluffiest floor

Du weißt, dass ein Teppich gut ist, wenn Du Deinen Platz auf dem Sofa gerne gegen einen Platz auf dem Boden eintauschst. Dot, von dem coolen Studio Rens, ist genau so ein Teppich. Groß, rund, weich und bunt, ohne aufdringlich zu sein. Die perfekte Ergänzung für Dein Zuhause in diesem Herbst. Punkt.

Shoppe die neue Kollektion

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50 shade of black and white

Hey there, couch potato! Zhoosh up your chairs, bed and sofa with some new cushions and get even more comfy. Meet Jade, Eden, Flor and Nin. These graphic black and white beauties look good wherever you put them. And rumour has it they're great for pillow fights too ;) What are you waiting for?

Baby, can you candle it?

Curvy, quirky and colourful. No, we're not talking about the iconic Destiny's Child Bootylicious video. We're talking about our brand new candles: Gala, Faa, Orsay and Miro. Same superstar allure, yet slightly more chill. Like a funky shape but prefer a neutral colour? Dodd and Ike are your go-to's: sculptural and minimalistic, playful and serene. Baby, can you candle it?

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