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Nicole Huisman

Think of style, and you think of Nicole Huisman. The 34-year-old stylist and all-round creative lives with her boyfriend Friso and their cat Obi in vibrant Amsterdam-Noord. Nicole and Friso purchased an old dyke house that they fully renovated and personalised – including a bold blue staircase and a sunny yellow kitchen. At FEST, we're big fans of Nicole's interior styling. No surprise that we love working with her during interior shoots. It's about time we had a shoot in her stunning home.

Impulsive or thoughtful shopper 

Online or offline shopping – a mix

The past, present or the future

Brand new or vintage

Interior or fashion

Indoors or outdoors

City or countryside

Minimalist or maximalist

Cats or dogs (unless it's Obi)

Neat freak or clutter queen

Social butterfly or homebody –rather a bumblebee

Eating on the sofa or at the table

Bath or shower

Eclectic or modern

DIY or outsource

Looks or comfort first


The best of both worlds
‘Beforehand, we didn't think we'd live in Amsterdam-Noord forever, but now that we're here, I don't ever want to leave. It's quiet but still just around the corner from the city. You discover something new here all the time. My favourite spots are Kometenbrood, Karlito, Coba, and Taverno: nice and casual, but mostly good quality.’

Scandinavian farmhouse

‘While decorating our house, we were guided by the 1930s style of the house. Our house is on a dyke, and we wanted to keep the rusticity. My friends call my house a Scandinavian Farmhouse, and I really like that term because there is something Danish, British and also Dutch in it.’

Mix and match
‘For the kitchen renovation, I chose items that I really like. A 70s tile, pastel yellow wall, wooden kitchen with a purple kitchen cabinet and a blue table with red chairs. Very diverse, but it all fits together nicely.’


Best place in the house
‘I mainly work in the front room because it has a nice view of the garden, but I also really like the kitchen because it's such a multi-space. And, of course, on the FEST sofa – it's just super comfortable.’

Make it pop

‘The interior design tip I'd like to share with everyone is: don't be afraid to use colour. Many people find it risky because they fear the colour will take over, but you can start small using colourful home décor. It just adds a little bit of personality. And if you're willing to experiment, consider extending those colours to ceilings, doors, and frames. Surprisingly, this creates more harmony and serenity than a single bold wall.’

New life

‘A fashion tip I'd pass on is: look at what you already own. I often buy something new when I don't know what to wear, but I believe we can actually rediscover clothes by wearing them creatively. For example, the other day, I wore a tube top as a mini skirt, which worked well. The same philosophy applies in interior design: shift furniture, rearrange it, and there you have it! Something fresh without needing to buy anything new.’


From outer space

‘One item in the house that I don't find aesthetically pleasing, but I value highly, is the electric litter tray. When Obi has to pee, it looks like she's entering a space tunnel.’

Purrfect spot

‘Obi has a favourite spot in the house as well. She prefers to lie in the most impossible corners of the room, preferably where all the wires are. But also on our laps on the sofa. You know what, FEST should start making cat baskets!’

Animal theme

‘If we get another pet, it would be a dog, preferably a wire-haired terrier. Actually, we dream of chickens, and my boyfriend likes goats. Should we ever have more free time, there'll be a range of animals.’


La dolce vita

‘If I could put my house anywhere in the world, it would probably be in Italy. I'm dreaming of a quiet place with a lot of sunshine, but most importantly, a lot of pasta vongole. In the mornings, I'd enjoy a cup of coffee in the sun and a refreshing dip in my swimming pool (which we imagine comes with the house).’

Stylish dilemma

‘What I love about working in the world of aesthetics is that strict rules do not necessarily bind it. I started as a fashion stylist, but my passion for interior styling has always been strong. After renovating my house, my work as an interior stylist took off and became a significant part of what I do. It feels like a natural progression. If I had to choose between the two, I would - with my back against the wall - opt for interior styling. The common thread in all my styling work? Colour, playfulness, and accessibility.’


No rules
‘I find Luke Edward Hall (@lukeedwardhall) very inspiring, especially his use of colour. He also originally comes from fashion and has started doing more and more interior design. In other words, he also defies the 'interior rules' and does more things by feeling, just like me. I had known his name for a while, but once came across a cool bathroom he had done for a hotel in Paris, Les Deux Gares, on Pinterest.’

Rhythm is a dancer

‘One of my hidden talents? I can dance well. I used to dance a lot:modern, street dance, and I love doing it.’

No Entry

‘Something that never enters my house? Beige items. Okay, maybe in an accessory, but I'm saturated in the calm, sandy-coloured interior style.’

Nicole Huisman
Knock, knock ‘The next person I suggest for FEST visits is Spanish content creator Blanca Miró (@blancamiro). I love her style so much; she is effortless, never sacrifices comfort for looks and is very good at setting tables. She created an entire Instagram page for this, @blanca_a_table. I'd love to peek inside her cabinets, so if I’m ever invited, I'd like FEST to capture this moment.’
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