Mini Cinema

Test your favourite sofa(s) in our mini cinema. We'll spoil you with drinks, bites & a nice movie. The only thing you need to do is chill.

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TEST YOUR FAVOURITE SOFA IN OUR MINI CINEMA How do you test a sofa in-store? let us guess... you probably sit up straight. Bounce for a bit and sit there for five minutes, tops. If you're a true daredevil, you might take off your shoes to lay down. For a few seconds.

But what about your sofa at home? How do you sit there? You probably never sit up straight. Instead, you most likely spend hours bundled up in your favourite corner, watching a movie. That's why we invite you to try and test our sofas the FEST way: in our mini-cinema at our stores in Amsterdam West and Ghent. We'll set up one of two of your favourite sofa(s), prepare drinks and snacks and put on a nice Cinetree movie. All you have to do is chill.

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