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FEST is a Dutch design brand that offers affordable high-end furniture and home accessories with the best possible service. FEST had a flying start and launched a successful online store and several shops in the Netherlands and Belgium in 2013. Now it's time for the next step in our ultimate goal: to conquer the world. Will you help FEST grow?

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What is FEST?

My name is Femke Furnée and I am the founder of FEST, a Dutch design brand that offers accessible high-end furniture and home accessories with the best possible service. At FEST, we do things differently than what you expect from the traditional furniture industry. Our shops are located in the centre of large cities, we design our collections together with high-end designers and we produce our furniture in a responsible way, in Europe - and to a large extent even in the Netherlands. And, not unimportantly: FEST offers affordable design. The reason why I founded this brand in 2013. On the one hand, you had the mass offer of the home improvement centres, on the other, the expensive design shops. I decided to jump into the gap between the two. And that escalated quickly...

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Where are we now?

FEST now has an online store and six of its own shops. Two in Amsterdam and one in Utrecht, Rotterdam, Antwerp and Ghent. In addition, we are available at over eighty retailers in more than twenty countries. What started in 2013 with one chair, the Monday (still a bestseller), became an omnichannel business model (an online and offline combination of B2B, D2C and the project market) with a listing in the Financial Times' Top 1000 Fastest Growing Companies in Europe (in 2019). We are extremely proud of the huge number of - often very different - households that now have FEST furniture in their homes.

This is partly due to the modular nature of our sofas and the many fabrics to choose from, which means there’s a perfect piece for everyone. And the business market, including restaurants, hotels and offices, also knows how to find us. For example, there are bar stools and dining chairs at the Grand Théâtre de Genève, and the head office of fashion brand Karl Lagerfeld has a lot of FEST in store. With a team of forty people at the head office, twenty-five in the shops and various external designers that we work with, we work hard every day to provide as many people as possible with affordable design.

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Meanwhile, we continue to innovate, to make decorating your home as easy and fun as possible. For example, we provide free interior design advice and have a cinema in our shops where you can try out your favourite sofa. In addition, we offer full service delivery where we put your new furniture where you want it and take your old furniture back with us. We were able to achieve this thanks in part to an investor who stepped on board in 2019, Rinkelberg Capital (founders of TomTom), whose co-owner Corinne Goddijn-Vigreux has been my mentor since 2014. They saw the growth potential of FEST, believe in us as experts in the business, support our long-term plans and provide advice in how to realise these ambitions.

The fact that research shows that only 1.8 per cent of investments go to a company where a woman is at the top (add source citation, 2018) makes me extra proud. In a challenging investment landscape, nothing is impossible, as long as you dare. It is important that you follow your intuition, and join forces with the right partners. As an entrepreneur, you have to see problems as opportunities and challenges to be overcome. An approach that fits perfectly with one of FEST's core values: 'Optimism is a superpower'.

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How will we use your financing?

Partly thanks to the support of our investor, we have already won a nice, solid share of the Dutch and Belgian interior design market, but now we are on the eve of an exciting new phase. We have the ambition to build a global brand where everything is just right and to grow into a real game changer in the traditional furniture industry. And that requires shops. We see that a large proportion of our customers like to orientate themselves online, and in recent years we have been able to largely remove the barriers to actually making a purchase by, for example, offering free online interior advice and implementing an online furniture viewer. Yet we also see that many customers like to visit our shops, to see and test the furniture in real life (for example in our mini-cinema), and then make a purchase there (or online). It is therefore important that we are not only digitally present in the places where the consumer is, but also that we offer personal service and a real brand experience offline.

The two reinforce each other. This is also demonstrated by the fact that, after opening a new shop, we see that the number of Instagram followers and website visitors, as well as the turnover of the online store, increases significantly in the region in question. At our recently opened shop in Ghent, this was 48% (Instagram), 142% (website) and 118% (turnover). Moreover, the shops are doing very well; on average, they break even after one year and then show a profit margin of 30%. In short: opening new shops is an important stimulus for FEST's growth. Next autumn, we will be opening our first shop in Brussels, and next year we plan to open our first shop in Germany. And our ambitions go beyond that; France, the UK and Switzerland are also on the wish list. We also want to open more shops in the Netherlands and Belgium. Who knows, maybe in (or near) your place of residence. And we need your help - in the form of an investment - for that!

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How can you help and what do you get in return?

Now that FEST is almost ten years old, it would be great if we could enlist the help of our most loyal fans - the people who are close to us and gave us that flying start. We now want to offer you a chance to grow with FEST. You can invest starting at as little as €250. It works as follows: if you choose to invest money in FEST, you will receive an annual return of 6% with a term of 48 months. So it's a loan, which you get back including interest. But even better: you become part of the success of the company, an official member of the FEST community and receive a special reward. You will also be the first to get sneak peeks of our new collections and we would love to have you as a special guest at our parties and launches.

Great if you want to be part of our mission! If you want more information about our plans and figures, please send an e-mail to press@festamsterdam.com. You can also find us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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Special reward

€250 - €1,000 In addition to becoming a FEST ambassador and receiving a 6% annual return, you’ll receive our FEST bag as a gift.

€1,000 - €5,000 In addition to becoming a FEST ambassador and receiving a 6% annual return, you’ll receive a one-time 10% discount on a purchase.

€5,000 - €10,000 In addition to becoming a FEST Ambassador and receiving a 6% annual return, you’ll receive a one-time 15% discount on a purchase.

€10,000 or more In addition to becoming a FEST Ambassador and receiving a 6% annual return, you’ll receive a one-time 20% discount on a purchase.

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