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Clay corner sofa Longchair L right

€ 2208.00

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Sofas FAQ

Is it possible to impregnate furniture to prevent stains? Yes, it is possible to treat our fabric furniture with Protection (by Protexx) Textile Protector. A Protection (by Protexx) treatment protects your furniture from stains and guarantees 5 years of stain-service. Prices depend on furniture size and will be calculated at checkout. Please note: - Protection (by Protexx) is not available for leather. - Woollen Kvadrat fabrics are self-cleaning. For that reason, a Protection (by Protexx) treatment is not recommended. If you like, you can purchase Protection as a 5-year warranty. The price will stay the same. My furniture piece is treated with Protection (by Protexx), but now I have a stain. What to do? Please contact the Protection (by Protexx) supplier as soon as possible. If needed, a stain expert will stop by to remove the stain. This Protection (by Protexx) service is available in The Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. Call +31(0)55 357 54 11 or email customercare@oranjeservicecloud.com Will the fabric of my sofa stay this sleek? Just like a pair of jeans, all fabric will stretch when in use. Creases and wrinkles are part of the product features. Furthermore, furniture filling will always lose some volume. You can avoid this as much as possible be regularly padding the cushions. I have seen an image of beautiful fabric/leather. If I order furniture in that upholstery, will I get the same colour as on the photo? A fabric can look slightly different in real life than it does on screen. When in doubt, we recommend you to come and see the fabric in real life at one of our stores or order a sample. Please note: we use natural unpainted leather, so you might receive a slightly different colour than the swatch or showroom model. I would like to order fabric samples. What do I need to do? You can order up to a maximum of 5 free samples to find out which one matches your style the most. Click here to start your order.

What payment methods do you accept? At our webshop, you can pay by credit card, iDEAL (The Netherlands) or Bancontact (Belgium). At our stores, you can pay by card or FEST gift voucher. We do not take cash.  Do you sell gift vouchers?  Yes, FEST gift vouchers can be purchased at our stores and are only valid in-store.

What measures do you take to protect my privacy? When you provide personal information or make a payment on our website, this is done via a secure connection. We have our systems up-to-date protected against intrusion, viruses and other attacks. FEST Amsterdam B.V. respects the privacy of all website users and ensures that the personal information you provide will be treated confidentially. Your data is used by us to conduct the orders as quickly and easily as possible. For the rest, we will use this information only with your permission.

Check our complete privacy policy for more information.


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