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Fest visits: Linda Tol

Home /Blog /

Fest visits: Linda Tol

Fest visits: Linda Tol

”We would love to start a family here”

— Linda Tol

If there was an award for the most stylish couple, Linda Tol and Renwe Jules would absolutely be in the running to win it. They have found each other in their great love for fashion and even wore the exact same jeans on the day they first met, sixteen years ago. After having lived in Milan for a few years, the couple recently decided to move back to Amsterdam. “This is the place that really feels like home. We would love to start a family here.” Although Linda and Renwe’s apartment is located in the crowded city centre, their street is surprisingly calm. This Wednesday morning, there are no cars, no pedestrians - nothing. “That is exactly the reason I bought a house in this area,'' Linda explains. “Being born in Volendam, I will forever be a small-town girl, but I need the liveliness of the city. I love to grab a coffee at Toki or Bruno’s - one of the best coffees I have ever tasted. Or to do yoga at any time of the day and find the yoga room filled with interesting, like-minded people. And I also love to meet up with the people I love - without having to plan it ages in advance.”

MSN Lover Turns Into Next-level Insta Husband

Power couple Linda and Renwe have been together for over 16 years. “After we had first met at a party of a mutual friend, we started chatting on good old MSN messenger. We continued to talk online for over a year (!) without ever meeting up for a date. Don’t ask me why…”, Linda laughs. But one day, Linda ran into Renwe at the subway station next to her school. “He was talking to another girl, but I walked up to him nonetheless. The girl was not too pleased with my presence, but I didn’t care,” Linda smizes. “But from then on, we just clicked. Maybe it was because of all the MSN talking we did, but it felt like I had known him for years.” Renwe played an important role in Linda’s career. In the beginning, he worked as an electrician, being a “insta-boyfriend” on the side. But unlike most insta-boyfriends he truly enjoyed photography and quickly developed his own style. Renwe was soon able to make a career out of his photo- and videography skills.

From Amsterdam to Milan and back.

When their career truly kicked off, the couple decided to move to Milan. They loved living in the middle of the fashion world, close to their agency and all major designers. But being an influencer is a demanding job. Working 7 days a week, 18 hours a day - social media never stops. Linda easily visits over 75 fashion shows a year, and collaborates with almost every international fashion brand. “I was flying up and down and stayed in hotels all the time. In the beginning, that was great fun, but after a while, I began to long for a place where I could truly feel at home. After my sister had the sweetest little baby, I really wanted to be around my family more than ever. I decided to cut down the amount of presstrips and move back to Amsterdam.” There is another important reason for the couple to move back: “Renwe and I would love to start a family of our own. That is also one of the main reasons we decided to move back. We really want to be close to our families.”

From Colorful Bold Statements to a Serene and Minimalistic Feel

The difference between their Milan and Amsterdam homes are huge - on every level. “With 175m2, our Milan home was almost three times bigger than our Amsterdam apartment. We used that space to be bold and funky. We had a bright blue velvet sofa and coloured Eames chairs - everything was very outspoken.” “As our Amsterdam home is much smaller, we decided to keep it more serene, with white walls, wooden floors and minimalistic furniture like this beige Dunbar sofa. I love how it turned out, it is very light and calm.” As the couple often works from home, the kitchen table is their home office. “The living room is the place to relax, so we have agreed to NEVER work on the sofa. Or at least, as little as possible”, Linda corrects herself. “The sofa is my favourite place in the house. The place to relax. Whether it is in the early morning sun or late at night watching a series… every time I sit on the sofa I truly feel at home.”

“We each have our own favourite corner of the sofa. Renwe also loves to sit on the armrest, but that’s not what it is meant for.”


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