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The Kaschkasch Q&A

Home /Blog /

The Kaschkasch Q&A

The Kaschkasch Q&A

Design studio Kaschkasch, founded by Florian Kallus and Sebastian Schneider, is a perfect partner for FEST. Both are committed to quality and innovation yet always in for a bit of fun! Our collaboration with the Cologne-based studio has resulted in the Aku - a sofa that’s centred around the user’s point of view and celebrates the sublime comfort of the corner seat. Meet the dynamic design duo who is changing the game of modern interior design.

How did you two meet?  Florian: We met during university back in 2018. 

In your bio, it says you both started out as cabinet makers. What inspired you to make the transition to product design?  Florian: During my time as a carpenter, I discovered my great interest in how people live/ furnish their homes, materials, construction & design – that’s what led me to study product design.  Sebastian: During my apprenticeship, I quickly realized that I particularly liked to work/ tinker intensively on things. But in a carpentry workshop you simply don't have enough time to develop furniture perfectly down to the last detail. I liked and still like the material wood very much. But I wanted to get to know new materials and that ultimately led me to study product design.

If you could only design one type of furniture for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?  Florian: That would be horrible for me as I love to work on many different projects at the same time – from kitchen handles over fireplace tools to lighting and modular sofas, tables, shelving systems and families of chairs.  Sebastian: Ummm...it’s hard to say. I would probably go for the chair. I think it always remains challenging and you can use a wide variety of materials. 

What is your biggest inspiration during the creative process?  Florian: Conversation and observation.  Sebastian: Misunderstanding sketches. I often see something else in sketches other than what it was intended to be.

What would you consider your studio’s greatest achievement so far?  Florian: To be able to work today as we work today. Sebastian: To have nice collaborations with great companies on an equal footing and to enjoy the full trust--and thus the freedoms--that go along with it. 

Why do you think you work so well together?  Florian: Because we talk to each other and we are very different – which helps a lot during the design process and product development.  Sebastian: I agree…we really complement each other quite well. 

In the studio, which one of you is messiest? Most easygoing?  Florian: I think I am a little neater than Sebastian but neither of us is really messy.  Sebastian: He is definitely neater than me. When Florian is on vacation, the studio looks...well,  let’s say, disorganized. Most easygoing is probably Lennart, our employee. 

You created the fabulous Aku sofa with FEST. If the Aku was a person, how would you introduce it to friends at parties?  Florian: Hi this is Aku, my friend from Amsterdam. She is a model and does a lot of jobs in the field of interior design.  She is a bit shy and very interested in textiles and sitting comfortably in corners. Sebastian: Aku is hot and nice at the same time! Nice curves, super welcoming!

What was your favourite aspect of collaborating with FEST?  Florian: The people at FEST are dedicated and professional, and fun to work with!  Thanks guys, we look forward to more projects to come. Sebastian: I got such great crayons for my birthday. Thanks again. 

What the designers have to say about their work

The design of the Aku sofa is based on the observation that many people prefer to sit in the corner of a sofa. We have tried to pay special attention to the corner – that’s how the Aku sofa came alive. The Aku sofa lives from its very own charisma – a lightweight, slim sofa with tremendous comfort. The modularity of the sofa creates endless possibilities of constellations. We see the sofa at home as well as in contract environment use.

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