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It's already been called the answer to 'millennial pink': the checkerboard pattern. Cooler than the polka dot, graphic like Escher and as changeable as a chameleon thanks to the range of colour combos it comes in. Long story short: this is the trend you want in your life.

Squares, no circles You could go all out with the pattern, but a bunch of coasters are great for those who want to get used to the trend first – or just prefer subtlety. For example, these sand-coloured coasters by AlphaOmega keep your table watermark-free and on trend.

Pile those pillows On the couch, chair, the bed ..well, 'where can’t they be?' is the better question. As far as we’re concerned, these stunners fit anywhere and everywhere. Mix, match, mismatch: the choice is yours. And…they can also be perfectly combined with their striped siblings. Just sayin'.

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Project tiled table Not afraid of a little DIY project? Make your own tiled table! TikTok, Instagram and YouTube are full of tutorials for tables of all shapes and sizes. But we like to make your life easier, so we’ve already sourced some for you. Looking for pretty tiles? Check out (pun intended) Studio GdB! All great designs, made in The Netherlands. And for those who like to add their personal touch: Gilles is happy to make your own design as well.

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Lovely lamp The French brand Mattina Moderna is run by mother and daughter. They started refurbishing vintage finds, especially lamps. They now also (partly) make them themselves. Our favourite: the Ombrellina. The only problem is choosing which colour...

Cup of Ceramic While jigsaw puzzles were all the rage during lockdown, post-lockdown everyone started doing ceramics. Open Instagram and the spinning lumps of wet clay will fly off the screen – quickly followed by the end result. For those who don't want to get their hands dirty or already have enough hobbies: just buy these bowls from November Hands.

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