Interior trends

Not new, but increasingly hot and happening: an eclectic interior. Combining different styles, shapes and materials creates individuality and character.

How to transform your interior into the ultimate safe haven

With a world turned upside down, you want your home to be a place where you can unwind. Easily achieved with delicate fabrics begging to be touched (think soft, woolly and fluffy) and with furniture that meets all your wishes – both fashion and function. Also look at maximalism in color (full, rich colors go together very well) and minimalism in presentation (one or two larger items have more effect than a shelf full of tiny things).

Colours we should use more

Go for unexpected color combinations. Aged, earthy tones (think clay, or olive green) go well with dreamy pastels like lilac, soft yellow, or pearl. Warm desert tones such as caramel, ocher, terracotta and chocolate brown remain highly present, but become a bit more intense and passionate. Add an orange-red or aubergine to spice things up.

Shapes we cannot live without coming season

We’ve seen them quite a bit last year but coming season there’s no hiding from them anymore: round, organic shapes. These shapes are reminiscent of nature and sure have a calming effect. They’re soft and friendly compared to the many straight lines in a house. Another asset: they’re suitable for any kind of space, ultra-small or large and they’re easy to use precisely because of their lack of angles. Golden rule? Balance. Organic shapes look best next to a piece of furniture with clean lines.

FEST items that fit the trends

When we’re talking about round, we’re talking about the Sinclair lounge chair. The perfect item for those who want to add some soft shapes to their interior. As for soft round shapes, Huf is your friend too, this round sofa is both extremely stylish and incredibly comfortable. Last but not least: the Clay sofa is a godsend for that perfect lounge. Add a pop of pastel with the new Rhye, Orsay and Wocky candles and Honor cushion collection and you’re good to go.

These items are always good

The Plateau side tables are perfect for safely adding a pop of colour to your interior. The friendly shades are flattering in many different combinations and the open shape fits into the smallest space. On to Sinclair. Due to its simplistic shape Sinclair is so easy to combine, we have not yet come across an interior where Sinclair felt out of place.

How to incorporate trends in your home without having to change your entire interior every season

Turn to colour. With colour you can quickly achieve a big difference. For example: change your existing color palette every now and then. A different colour on the wall behind your sofa is a rather simple job but has a huge effect. The same goes for smaller interior items: buy a new side table and switch around your home décor. Find inspiration online, in stores and ask advice from experts if you like to be on trend or if you like to discover new styles.


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Tintin side table

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