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Denni Elias

Influencer Denni Elias is what you'd call a world citizen. She lived in Mexico City, Vancouver, New York and Los Angeles, before she moved to her very Parisian apartment 4 years ago.


Online or offline shoppin - I’m a touchy person, I like to feel the fabric.
Morning person or night owl
Mexico or France Both! - It’s impossible to choose.
Book or a movie - they last longer, my current fav? Women of Will!
Never dance again or never travel again - This is SO mean haha! I can’t choose. But if I must… dancing is so primal, I cannot not dance. 
Neat freak or clutter queen
Ordering in
or eating out - my go to meals are sushi and pizza.


‘The first thing I do when I wake up is brush my teeth. After that, I meditate. At least 15 minutes, but if I have time, I can easily go for an hour.’

Rustic living
‘I grew up in a very Mexican interior: lots of dark wood, simple furniture, pretty classical interior wise. Most Mexican homes are very open: big windows, large gardens, very rustic.’

‘When I’m home alone I sing to my dog and dance with her. Pony is my partner in crime.’

‘Lately I’ve been using the red rose emoji a lot, as in: for everything. But my favourite one is the heart. Or the happy smiley. Only positive ones, that’s for sure.’ 


On repeat
‘Nina Simone, Frank Sinatra, The Platters; I’ve been watching the series The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel – about a woman in 50’s New York. It’s great because it has this nice vintage vibe and amazing soundtracks.’

More pls!
‘I’m obsessed with crisps. Tyrell’s Seasalt & Cider Vinegar are my favourite. Bitter, salty, sour.. It has everything. I eat them the Mexican way: with Valentina spicy salsa.’

Teach me
‘If I could buy a skill, it would be playing the piano. I’ve always wanted to learn it, but I’m too impatient.. I just want to learn it fast, and be able to fully do it NOW.’ 

‘I love my white carpet, but with a peeing dog at home, it may not have been my best decision ever. Same for the plant I put on top of my 2 metre high closet. It looked great, but I kept on forgetting to water it because it was so high up. So.. it died. Poor thing.’


Best buy
‘Without a doubt: the marble dining table I had order made. Maybe it’s the type of stone, but it makes me feel calm. I really want to sit at it, work at it, eat at it. It attracts positive vibes.’

Meant to be
‘I love my Dunbar sofa. It’s so peaceful and it has the perfect size: it’s big enough to have company, while it doesn’t feel too big when I’m alone either. The fabric is beautiful and great to sleep on - yep, I speak from experience haha.’

‘If I could be an item in my home I would be my plant in the living room. Listening to all the conversations, being included in the party. Or my table, because that’s where everyone’s happy, eating, enjoying themselves.'


A little Mexico in Paris
‘The most Mexican thing in my Parisian home? Alebrijes. They’re wooden figures that represent spiritual guidance. They’re a mix of all sorts of mythological creatures. I love the story and artisanry behind it.’

Tone it down
‘The apartment I’m in is pure Paris: high ceilings, historical parquet, marble chimney, French balconies. Combined I with my marble table it just all became a bit too French. I like how the FEST candles – with their 80’s American vibes – tone down the Parisian-ness a bit, in a very cool way.’

Sneak peek
I would love to have a look in Cate Blanchett's home. She’s one of my favourite actresses and I would love to see what she’s reading and how she goes about her life in private. Another one is the Mexican actress Maria Felix. She past away a long time ago already, but she was amazing. Such a diva. I imagine that she had all these great secrets in her house.’

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