Our Designers

We work with talented product designers. Newcomers & oldtimers. Big names & talented freshmen.

<p><strong>Mae Engelgeer</strong></p>

Mae Engelgeer

<p><strong>Martin Hirth</strong></p>

Martin Hirth



<p><strong>Meike Harde</strong></p>

Meike Harde

<p><strong>Sylvain Willenz</strong></p>

Sylvain Willenz

<p><strong>Sebastian Herkner</strong></p>

Sebastian Herkner

<p><strong>Simone Bonanni</strong></p>

Simone Bonanni

<p><strong>Federica Biasi</strong></p>

Federica Biasi





<p><strong>David Derksen</strong></p>

David Derksen

<p><strong>Thomas Eurlings</strong></p>

Thomas Eurlings

<p><strong>Yonoh Studio</strong></p>

Yonoh Studio

<p><strong>Daphna Laurens</strong></p>

Daphna Laurens



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We believe beautiful things shouldn't cost the earth. But the fact is: they often do. That's why we're eager to continuously better ourselves. For a better world. Below you can read what we’ve done so far. But we’re always open to new input. So, got an idea? Tips? Or any comments regarding FEST’s sustainability approach? Let us know by emailing us at sustainability@festamsterdam.nl.