FEST visits:

Dustin Hanke

Influencer and model Dustin Hanke is known for his creative as well as daring looks and photos. His Berlin-based home is no exception. 'I dress my rooms like I dress myself.'


Impulsive or thoughtful shopper 
Online or offline shopping
The past, the now or the future 
Brand new or vintage City or countryside
Minimalist or maximalist
Cats or dogs 
Neat freak or clutter queen.. honestly… both.
Party animal or homebody
Ordering in or eating out
Bath or shower
Eclectic or modern
DIY or outsource


Best buy

‘During the first lockdown I was browsing one of my favourite websites: Ebay Kleinanzeigen – a German reseller site – and found an amazing 70s hotel-inspired bed frame that holds a radio and indirect lighting. I paid 10 (!!) euros for it. Still shook about that.’

Don’t think, just mix
‘I always just buy what I love and don’t think about matching it with other items. In the end everything you love will go together.’

Bring in the funding
‘Besides the fact that everyone might love to own a De Sede ds600 couch and I’m one of them, I still want more art for my walls. I love to collect posters, drawings and art made by friends but a huge painting for my living room is quite high on my wishlist. My friend Dennis Rudolph makes great art and someday I’ll have the funds to finally own one of his paintings.’


Can’t get enough
‘I’m obsessed with Julia Fox at the moment, but in terms of fashion and interior I really adore anything in the colours elephant blue and dark dining room red.’

‘New things tend to look too modern and quite boring in my opinion. Fest is different in that sense. Just a few vintage things around it and it truly adapts to my place. The pieces can be the centrepiece or completely blend in and that’s a fact that makes good design.’

Make(up) a mess
‘My makeup drawer might be the biggest mess in my house. I own and get so many different new products all the time that I can’t keep it organised for long.’


Perfect match
‘Before I moved into this place I knew I wanted to have a big, round dining table in a sand colour.I always loved to eat, talk and host at a round table, since it makes conversations easier. After all, you can fit more people around it and it’s just comfier.  The Plateau dining table does just that.’

Ice ice baby
‘The first thing I do when I wake up is light some Palo Santo and have a French breakfast: an iced coffee – no matter the weather – and a cigarette.’

‘I have a couple of favourite spots in Berlin. Starting with Gorilla Bäckerei, a nice local bakery just around the corner from me.. Victoria Bar is my favourite bar and for food I love this shabby Lebanese place called Eivgis, it's the best falafel I’ve ever had! Also around the corner is a flea market every weekend and that’s where you can find me with my iced oat latte.’ 


Love and leave
‘As far as I’m concerned the beige minimal Insta girl aesthetic can leave asap. It’s just so boring. The comeback trend I love? Everything Space Age.’

Always changing
‘There’s not just one thing that represents me the most, so if I were to be an item in my home, I would probably be my closet, since it’s the most versatile thing I have. It holds hundreds of different cute vintage treasures.’

Smelly business
‘I always light scented candles, my favourite ones are Paris and John Galliano by Diptyque. The moment I smell home, I feel at ease.’ 

AD aficionado
‘I’m obsessed with the home tour videos of Architectural Digest. My favourites so far are Dita von Teese and Anna Sui. Both places looked like a fairytale but a house I haven’t seen yet but would love to enter is Florence Welch or Elvis’ old houses. I bet they’re magical and full of surprises.’


Live now
‘I love nostalgia but also remind myself that living in the past helps no one. I rarely think about the future as I don’t like to plan ahead. The now is where it’s at.’

Pretend it’s clothes
‘I dress my rooms like I’d dress myself – the wall colours are like a coat, the floor like boots, art like accessories. It's so much fun and easier for me to see it that way.’

‘Whenever I travel, I instantly feel I’m living in the now. It’s a special feeling to not know where you are and what’s to come.’

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