FEST visits:

Estelle Chemouny

Professional vintage lover, influencer, stylist, entrepreneur, home décor hoarder… whatever you want to call her, Estelle Chemouny has that ‘je ne sais quoi’ air we all wish we had. Just like her apartment, by the way.


Never leopard print or never colour again
Online or offline shopping
Morning person
or night owl
London or Paris
Book or a movie
Cats or dogs
Neat freak or clutter queen
Ordering in or eating out
Bath or shower
Looks or comfort first


Saved by the bell
‘When I was younger, I was obsessed with the Memphis decor in the 90's show Saved by the Bell. It’s considered to be very ugly, but I loved it. And still do. Actually, you can find some Memphis-inspired pieces in my house.’

Don’t care
‘I don't really care what others think, even if I bring something home which Elie - my husband - doesn’t like, he doesn’t really have much choice but to live with it…haha. Luckily, we have similar tastes. The other day I came back home with a gold monkey table. He thought it was hideous and way too tacky. He really hated it. Until I styled it. Then he understood where I was going with it.

Not creative enough
​​​​​​​‘Designing my own clothing line has always been a dream of mine, but I thought I wasn’t creative enough. Then Erin Wasson approached me. Collaborating with a brand made me way more confident.’


‘I have a couple of FEST items, but my Sinclair chair is definitely my favourite. It’s round, comfy and colourful. Everything I like.’

Fit life
‘I’ve been eating like shit all my life: frozen, processed foods, fake pizzas and burgers, loads of take away. I was always tired and felt puffy, until I did an Ayurvedic detox in Spain. Ever since, I’ve been obsessed with natural medicine. Magical plants like Ashwagandha and Guggul. I’d love to go to India and really go all in on it. ’

​​​​​​​‘The one thing I do when I’m home alone is sing. Really, really loud. I love Dalida, she’s a French singer. I listen to her every morning. But I love Abba too.’


Geek alert!
‘No one expects it, but I’m great with computer stuff. As a kid I opened the tv remote to see how it worked and I’ve been programming since I was 12 years old and got my first laptop. When I realised I could read HTML, I got obsessed with that. It’s really handy, I even did the website of my store myself.’

The best
‘My go-to spot in my neighbourhood is Bonjour Palais-Royal, they have the best dirty chai.’

‘I was super tall and skinny and never fit in any clothes that my friends would fit in. That’s how I started shopping in the men’s section: they had longer and more oversized clothing. Instead of my mom's closet, I would go and steal things out of my dad’s closet. 

Chemist tutorial
​​​​​​​‘I really liked the look of rounded, colourful resin mirrors but when I looked online the prices were insane. So instead, I went to YouTube and looked up how I could mix resin with something else to make my own quirky mirror. I watched hours and hours of chemist tutorials, bought a couple of Ikea mirrors and started doing it myself.’


Out of here!
‘My worst interior buy was my first sofa. It looked beautiful: vintage, leather patchwork. I bought it online, but the one thing you can’t notice online is the smell. And boy, did it smell bad. It was the smell of death. I had to keep my windows open and couldn’t even look at it anymore, that’s how bad it was. Ugh.’

‘If I could be an item in my home, it would definitely be my leopard chair. It’s a bit weird and not very well made, as in: it’s not very comfortable either. But I just like the look of it.’

Runway wall
‘My teenage room was pretty typical: too many clothes on the floor and walls covered with posters of my idols: the Star Academy cast and Britney Spears. Later on I swapped them for runway pics which I found on style.com. I tried to recreate the looks with my own wardrobe and I must say: I still like some of those looks from back then.’


Go with it
‘My first email handle was Stelouchebabouche. I went to Morocco a lot, and always wore those babouche shoes, which are traditional shoes. My classmates would make fun of me, calling me Estelle Babouche, that’s how I decided to just go with that name.’

Sneak peek
‘I would have loved to see the home of Alexander McQueen. I’m obsessed with what he did with fashion. His house must be insane.’

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