How To Accessorise Like A Pro

Why is it that home decor always looks so effortlessly cool in Instagram and Pinterest pictures but when you try it at home it just, eh…doesn’t? These 5 tips from stylist Nicole Huisman will have you accessorising like a professional. 

1. Realise: you don't have to live in a picture

“This might sound obvious, but keep in mind that those picture-perfect Pinterest decors often look way nicer than your home for one simple reason: you live in a house, not in a photo. Sure, it’s cool when things look pretty, but it must also remain livable. In all honesty: I tend to forget that sometimes. If my boyfriend got a penny for every time he said ‘Nicole, we don’t live in a showroom’, I’d be broke haha.”


2. Get your neat freak on

“Keep your home tidy and stay clear of too many trinkets and frills; they’ll just make it look cluttered. Instead, collect family objects, art, souvenirs, homemade items. Trends are cool, but items with a story give a house character. Flowers, candles and rugs too, by the way.”


3. There is no right or wrong

“There are no rules on what works or what doesn't. Anything goes, as long as you like it, right? Different prints, unusual colour combinations. It's a matter of trying. A little courage goes a long way.”


How comfortable is your sofa?

4. Alternate

“Combine the practical with the aesthetic. Take a bookcase, for example. I alternate the way I place books in it: put a pile down and then put a pile upright against it. Ugly book cover? I just turn them the other way. While I lay beautiful books flat and put a nice object on it. Here and there I leave 'holes', for a nice bowl or cool vase for example. This way it remains a practical place to store books, but is a feast for the eye as well.'”

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5. Stools are awesome

“I love stools! They serve as side or bedside tables, presentation displays, extra seats or simply as cool objects. You can easily move them around the house and they can brighten up the dullest corners. Especially if you go for a funky colour.”