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How to choose a sofa?

Which size sofa suits my place?

Look at your living situation: do you have children? Pick a sofa which you can lie on with the whole family. You don't want the younger sibling to always sit on the floor, right? Do you like to watch TV? Then pick a sofa with a divan or longchair, so you can relax. Do you have guests over often? It might be a bit uncomfortable to lounge on a divan with your grandma, so choose a sofa with a more active seat. Generally your guests won't like to lie on a couch when having a drink. 

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Which colour sofa should I choose?

A sofa is a good element to start with and 'build' your interior around. Do you want to make a statement? Then choose a colour that makes you happy and yet is timeless such as green, blue or old pink. Do you want a calmer interior? Then choose a neutral colour and make your statement through your choice of fabric. Do you have your entire interior set and done already, but just want to replace your sofa? Then create a mood board so you know which colour best suits your interior. Does your whole house have a Scandi style? Then choose a sofa that fits that style instead of suddenly going for a bohemian sofa.


Where to put your sofa?

It may sound obvious, but look carefully where and when you use your sofa the most. Do you always watch TV on it? Then make sure it's in front of the TV. Do you like to read on it? Then make sure it's in more quiet part of the house. Do you have a smaller space but like a lot of seating? A pouf can be the solution: it's easy to slide onto the sofa if you want to lounge, but can also be used as a seat when people pass by. If you do have a lot of space, move your sofa a from the wall a little. That way it looks more airy. And last but not least: don't stick to the rules too much, just experiment!


How comfortable is your sofa?

No matter how beautiful it is, ultimately you want a sofa to be comfortable. Not for 5 minutes, but for hours. Right? But what's comfortable differs from person to person. With children it is nice to have a lounge or pouf element. If you are a little older, a more active seat with less depth is more pleasant. Can't choose? Then our mini-cinema in our shop in Amsterdam-West can be of help. Over there, you can test our sofas extensively while enjoying a movie. Take off your shoes, stretch out on the couch and enjoy the sofa. Just like you would at home.

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To Protexx or not to Protexx?

Wool sofas do not need Protexx, but we recommend it with polyester and velours sofas. It ensures that you can easily remove stains and otherwise have a 5-year warranty.


To put legs under a sofa or not?

That - of course - depends entirely on your own style. A sofa with legs often looks a bit cleaner and in small spaces it looks more airy and therefore more spacious. If you want a nice lounge style, then a sofa without legs is recommended.


How to apply sight lines in your interior?

In principle it is always nice to be able to look outside. So position your sofa outwards and ensure an open setting: never let large furniture block your sight lines and passage. Provided space permits, of course.

Make sure that your seat is a little more shielded from stimuli such as the kitchen and the hallway, so that you really make it a nice, quiet spot. Don't have that amount of space? Then shield it with a plant. But also think functional: do you like to watch TV? Then point your sofa towards the TV. Make sure that the sun doesn't shine on your TV screen though, otherwise you won't see a thing.


Which sofa style suits me?

The style of your sofa depends on many factors. With how many persons will you sit on it? What do you prefer to use your sofa for? Lounging? Then choose a soft, deep sofa. Have a drink? Then go for a more upright, active seat.

There are also differences in terms of shape: Edge is a bit more angular and therefore has a tougher, sleek appearance. Clay is chubby and rounder and therefore has a softer appearance. Dubar is in between, it is sleek and modern but also has a friendly shape. Huf is super modern and unique because of its round shapes. Miller is a bit more classic and lighter in appearance. Kate is sleek and modern, Scandinavian and airy and Aku is airy, sleek and compact.

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