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Jeanne de Kroon

Jeanne de Kroon (28) travels all over the world for her ethical fashion brand Zazi Vintage. But her pink boat in Amsterdam, where she lives with her chickens (Plum, Nuni, Pientje, Zoepie and Princess Kip) and rabbits (Pleun and Flopje) is where she calls home.


Impulsive or thoughtful shopper - Intuitive shopper!
Online or offline shopping
Thrift shopper or design lover
City or countryside
Minimalist or maximalist
Neat freak or clutter queen
Plate on your lap or at the table
Bath or shower
Eclectic or modern
DIY or outsource
on or off (when entering the house)
Chilling on the sofa or dining with friends -


Getting used to it
'Living on a boat is the best thing in the world. You live with the seasons more. Waking up and being able to swim right away is magical. The boat itself is a concrete chunk, not that charming. But with a warm colour palette and a lot of love, you’ll get pretty far.’

Colour pls!
‘My dad was the OG Amsterdam hipster influencer: white walls, black leather designer chair. That’s how I grew up: without any colour. Can you imagine? I personally created my own big colour show: I refused to go out without 10 pigtails with flowers and beads in my hair. I believe you’ll experience happiness if you live the dream you had when you were 7 years old. So in my case, that’s with chickens and rabbits on a pink boat.'

Eco boat
'Everything in here is sustainably produced or secondhand. From my homemade curtains to the vintage kitchen tiles a friend gave me. Okay, almost everything: I have no idea how eco-friendly my kitchen tools are, I must admit.’


Time machine
'I couldn't find a nice sofa anywhere until I saw Huf: feminine, round. It feels like you've stepped into a 70's movie. I hesitated between ochre, pink and green, so I ordered a couple swatches. When I felt this fabric I instantly knew this was it: it’s super warm and inviting.’

Sustainability is..
'Not for sale. I think the connection you feel with something is much more sustainable. Whether it’s clothing, a sofa or something else; if you know the story behind it, connect with it emotionally, ultimately that’s the reason you don't throw it away. That scarf your grandmother knitted for you years ago (and still have), is more sustainable than the super eco organic recycled cotton thing that you don't feel anything for.'

On my bedside table
'There are a candle, a hot water bottle and a book – such a cliché, haha. Oh, and I have a teddy bear. Actually two: Flappie and Bear.'


Wake me up for
'A wild adventure! Climbing the Himalayas or something. But a hug from a friend will also do. Or if someone would wake me up and say, "Chicken Plum wants another hug," that's fine too!’

Best interior lesson
‘I lived in an industrial loft in Berlin: windows everywhere, a bed that overlooked the living room, ultra-modern. Probably the dream of the average 36-year-old bachelor crypto man, but not for me. I wanted to make it a kind of Italian palazzo, so I painted all the walls dark red. It turned out extremely ugly!”

So my only rule is: don't try to make your house something it doesn't want to be. Look at it and see what it can and cannot take. Sure you can cheat a bit. Like I did here, painting those quirky edges along the ceiling to give it a little more character - although I don't know if I’ll leave it that way - but there are limits. Sometimes you just have to acknowledge that the character of a house doesn't suit your taste.'

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