The Ultimate Sofa Quiz

Dunbar, Edge or Clay – which sofa suits you best? Take the quiz and find out.


1. Your friends about you:

A. Easy-going

B. Trendsetter

C. Planner


2. Your dream home is...

A. Cosy and snug

B. Modern and convenient

C. Classic with a twist


3. Give me a...

A. Beach holiday

B. City trip

C. Ski holiday


4. Your dream job is...

A. Chill and flexible

B. Creative and social

C. Steady and challenging


5. Your ideal Saturday:

A. Binging a series

B. Going to a museum

C. Working out and eating out



Mostly A's: You're Clay! Comfort king/queen, always up for relaxing.


Mostly B's: Hello, Dunbar! Stylish and social, always discovering something new.


Mostly C's: That's an Edge! Reliable and driven, with an eye for detail.