Visiting Berlin

Watch out, everyone – FEST products were on the loose during a city trip to Berlin. Our products felt that FEST would soon spread its wings in Germany, so they decided to discover Berlin on their own. We just received this photo report in our mail.

Buckle up Off we go! A trip abroad means travelling in style. At least, it does if it's up to the White Rabbit: 'Do you know who I am? I didn't come all the way from Wonderland only to catch the scooter in Berlin.' In the end, six of us had to pull her from the car.


Why is it spicy? 

Being so fabulous really works up an appetite. So, a quick stop at La Maison, a French boulangerie in the middle of Berlin, is in order. According to the Cleo cushion, 'You should really try their croissants. They're crazy delicious.' Oh, that Cleo. Typical Scorpio energy as usual. 

They sat outside and enjoyed coffee and some delicious pastries. When suddenly, a very thirsty four-legged friend approached. As you can see, we weren't kidding when we said that the Dixon bowl could be everything you want it to be. But we’re not sure if Dixon is on board. 'Stop it, dog. That tickles!'. 


Blending in 

One of their highlights during the trip has to be the Voo store, a culturally empowered and creatively driven fashion and design concept space in the heart of Berlin. The Plateau side table had this to say: ‘'We blend in perfectly in this store. Why can't we stay here forever?' So, we quickly grabbed Plateau and brought him to the following location before he got a little too comfortable.


First, we eat

By coincidence, they ended up at Kitten, a deli and bakery serving freshly baked bread, cakes and Levantine dishes. And, of course, the elitist Suki glass had something to say about that: 'We were looking for a place to drink a cappuccino with oat milk to refresh after a long bike ride. Once we sat down, we knew we had to try one of their specialities. It was spectacular! I'm giving it 5 stars.' Calm down, Suki. You're not a Yelp reviewer.

Bottoms up
It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, meaning time to grab some drinks at a Späti on the way to visit friends. Where did they go when they were done? That's for you to fill in. We have a strong hunch that they're still in line to enter Berghain – Berlin’s most exclusive club.

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