Made to last

Focusing on high quality, timeless design and durability.

The most sustainable thing there is? Not producing anything new. Obviously, that's sort of the opposite of what we do. But what we can do is produce mindfully, by creating things that are made to last. 

Durability is what we aim for. In the sense of high quality and timeless design. We want you to enjoy your furniture and home décor. Not just for this season, but for years to come. That’s why we work with local designers, craftspeople and specialised manufacturers.

But we also seek durability in materials, such as HR-foam, recycled steel and kids/pets/partner-proof- upholstery. Ever heard of the Martindale test? It measures how quickly a fabric starts to wear after it's been rubbed by sandpaper and wool. The higher the Martindale score, the stronger the fabric. Upholstery should have a Martindale of at least 15,000 to stay beautiful with regular use. We set the bar at 40,000 and offer fabrics that go up to the highest Martindale score possible: 100,000, like Polvere, Juke and Kvadrat’s Razzle Dazzle.

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We work with talented product designers. Newcomers & oldtimers. Big names & talented freshmen.