Made to order

We don’t do piles of dead stock.

Warehouses piled with stock waiting to become dead stock? Nuh uh. Not with us. Most of our furniture is made to order. This means we produce on demand, so we hardly have any stock. If there’s anything left, we organize archive sales or put it on the online exchange platform swap-studio. Because quality and design never go out of style.


Swap your stuff for FEST-items

Lamps that have been used for a photoshoot, side tables that were used in our stores and accessories from old collections: you can find them at swap-studio. ‘Cause we've got our own platform on swap-studio.com!


swap-studio: how does it work?

swap-studio is an online platform where members can exchange beautiful, second-hand items with each other. This is done via a points system called kudos. You can earn kudos by giving away things you no longer need but are still of good quality, inviting friends or by donating to charities they support. And with those earned kudos you can then 'buy' other things you like. Give for kudos and take for kudos!


A step in the right direction

At FEST, we believe strongly in three things: that beautiful design can make people happy, that quality doesn't have to mean 'unaffordable', and that making it more affordable shouldn't come at the expense of the planet. So we constantly challenge ourselves. By producing locally as much as possible, by keeping things affordable and by collaborating with initiatives such as swap studio, thus contributing to a better world.

Wanna join? Register for swap-studio here  for free and check out our products here.

Want to learn more about our Designers?

We work with talented product designers. Newcomers & oldtimers. Big names & talented freshmen.