Thought through materials

Raw, responsible and durable. 

A better world all starts with the base. That’s why we focus on responsible use of raw materials. Whether that’s through recycling, durability, certificates or new technologies.

We work with steel a lot. Why? Because it's long-lasting and ever recyclable. In other words: a super durable material.

(HR) Foam
You’ll find this foam in our sofas and chairs. Is it recyclable? Not really. But it ís super durable and doesn't cause a lot of waste in the process of making, because leftover foam can be used for other purposes, such as pillows.

The down we use in some sofas and chairs is RDS-certified. This means we only use down and feathers that come as a byproduct of poultry farms.  



Another thing we care for, is that the fabrics of our rugs, pillows and upholstery comply with the REACH regulations. This European regulation obliges member companies to register the use and risks of dangerous chemicals and substitute them with less dangerous ones if needed. 

Kvadrat fabrics
Kvadrat produces quality contemporary wool textiles. As a leader in design innovation, they have a strong focus on minimizing their environmental impact. Apart from producing a natural fabric (wool), Kvadrat uses rainwater and 30% less water in general. To dry the fabrics they need to heat water, for which they use released energy. And even after production Kvadrat thinks circular: by donating the textile waste to local universities and design schools.

Soil fabric
Ever sat on a plastic bottle? With our Soil fabric, you can. Soil is woven from yarns that consist of 60% recycled plastic bottles, which makes it a lot more environmentally friendly than 'virgin' polyester. It saves up to 42% in energy, 52% water and 46% carbon. Oh and it feels soft and looks luxurious. What's not to love?

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