FEST interior advice:

How to use colour in my home?

When do you choose a neutral colour and when do you choose a bright colour?

If you want to create a calm atmosphere, choose neutral colours. It gives a clean look to your home. Do you want a more playful interior and make a statement? Then choose bright colours.


How to mix bright and neutral colours?

Look for inspiration so that you know which colours you like and what kind of atmosphere that brings. What do those colours do with each other? Make a plan so that you don't go in all different directions. It helps to choose two neutral base colours and up to 4 brighter accent colours. This gives you direction and guidance. You can also use a few colours in different shades, ton sur ton, which is a very safe way of applying colour. Would like some advice on this part? Then call in the help of our interior specialist! Book a free appointment here.

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