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Aku sofas

Light-footed, sleek and modern, and yet with that please-jump-me quality of a fluffy cloud. That’s Aku.


Meet our:

Bolster sofas

Thanks to its backboard, Bolster has that sophisticated, slightly corporate look. At the same time, it gives the sofa a protected, private feeling. Long story short: Bolster does it all.


Designed by Meike Harde

Bowie sofas

Mix the vibe of a chaise longue with the comfort of a sofa and Bowie is what you get. Its rounded corners give it a friendly, retro vibe, while its clean shape and design keep it fresh and modern.


Clay sofas

Clay looks like one big comfy pillow. Once you take a seat, you’ll never want to get up again.


Dunbar sofas

If you're looking for a super comfortable design sofa, Dunbar is your perfect match. Sturdy yet soft - thanks to its luxurious feather-filled top.


Edge sofas

You can never go wrong with the Edge. This timeless design sofa is super solid and very comfortable... we are sure that you will enjoy it for many years.


Frankie sofas

You know what they say, right? The bigger, the better. And they're correct, at least when they're talking about the Frankie sofa. The large, fluffy cushions on all sides will provide you with all the comfort you need. Who needs a bed when you can zone out just as heavenly on Frankie?


Astin sofas

When it comes to the Astin sofa, what you see is what you get. The tall, metal legs and simple yet substantial look make Astin suitable for any interior. The only thing that’s currently missing? You. On it.


Natural sofas

Pure nature, that's the Natural sofa. Not only on the outside, but on the inside as well - thanks to the 100% linen fabric in four colours, this fine, deep sofa is produced with natural materials. Wool, coconut fibre, and down feathers, among others, form the basis of the Natural Sofa.


Regular sofas

Deep seating, high, slender legs, poofy soft cushions. This sofa - designed by Meike Harde - has it all. And it’s also available in 7 different sizes. Oh, and: there’s also a 100% natural version. How much more sustainable can you get?


Huf sofas

Who said minimalist design can't be warm and inviting? Exactly: nobody. Huf proofs it's possible. This sofa is one chunk of clean lines, smooth curves and yet has that soft vintage feeling that makes you want to jump on it immediately.

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