Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Check the list below to see if we have your answer. If you don’t see your question, send us a note.


Is there a warranty on FEST products?
We want you to enjoy your FEST product for many years. That's why we offer a three-year warranty on all of our products. If there's a problem, please find your next steps below:

I purchased an item at one of your resellers, and now there's a problem. What do I do?

Please contact the reseller you have bought the item from. They will assist you and will contact us if needed.

I have bought an item on your website or at one of the FEST stores, and now there's a problem. What do I do?
Please send an email to as soon as possible including:
- a short description of the problem
- in case of damage: clear photos of the problem
- your order number + the name on which the order is placed

We will contact you as soon as possible.

Is it possible to treat furniture to prevent stains?
Yes, it is possible to treat our fabric furniture with Protection (by Protexx) Textile Protector. With a Protection (by Protexx) treatment, a lot of stains will be easier to get rid of. In addition, with Protection (by Protexx) you get a five-year warranty on their stain removal service for the most common stains.*

When we deliver your furniture, you can treat it right away in your home. You’ll receive a stain spray and a certificate. Please keep the invoice and the certificate in a safe place, as these prove your furniture is under warranty.
Prices depend on furniture size and will be calculated at checkout. Please note that Protection (from Protexx) is available for all fabrics, except for leather.

My furniture piece is treated with Protection (by Protexx), but now I have a stain. What do I do? 
Please contact the Protection (by Protexx) supplier within 48 hours. If the stain falls within the warranty conditions* and removal is needed – a stain expert will stop by to remove the stain. This Protection (by Protexx) service is available in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, France, and Austria. Please note that we don’t offer Protection (by Protexx) outside of these countries. Call +31(0)55 357 54 11 or email

*Find more info on Protection (from Protexx) in our Care Guide.

Will the fabric of my sofa stay this sleek?
Just like a pair of jeans, all fabric will stretch when in use. Creases and wrinkles are part of the product features. Furthermore, furniture filling will always lose some volume. You can avoid this as much as possible be regularly padding the cushions.

I have seen an image of beautiful fabric/leather. If I order furniture in that upholstery, will I get the same colour as on the photo?
A fabric can look slightly different in real life than it does on screen. When in doubt, we recommend you to come and see the fabric in real life at one of our stores or order a sample. Please note: we use natural unpainted leather, so you might receive a slightly different colour than the swatch or showroom model.

I would like to order fabric samples. What do I need to do?
You can order up to a maximum of 5 free samples to find out which one matches your style the most. Click here to start your order.

How to maintain my furniture the best way possible?
From your bamboo table to your leather sofa and from anti-discolouration to anti-pitting tips: in our Care Guide you'll find all the advice on how to keep your FEST furniture pretty for as long as possible. Find it here.

When will my order arrive?
Lead-times depend on the product you wish to order. Please check the product description of the item you would like to order for more information. Timing will start after we have received your (down)payment.
For furniture, we will ask you to pay for the complete order before we can schedule your delivery. After we have processed your payment, our delivery partner will contact you to set an appointment as soon as your order is ready for delivery.

Click here for the lead times overview.

This is why your order takes a bit longer.
Obviously we would like to deliver your order as soon as possible. But unfortunately, it’s taking a bit longer than expected. This could mean 2 weeks, but it could also run up to 6 weeks. We’d like to explain how this happened. 

It’s partly due to the summer closure of the factories and partly due to the enormous demand for furniture and home décor in recent months. Because of this, our factories have to wait longer for materials such as wood and HR foam, and a queue has formed to make the products. Again, this creates a snowball effect: due to the increase in products, more transport is needed. The transport companies are therefore busier than usual, which makes transport to the distribution centers take a little longer than normal.

We're very aware of how annoying this must be for you and we’re sorry for the delays and problems that have occurred. That’s why we’re working super hard to find sustainable solutions. As always, we strive to provide you with the fast delivery you are accustomed  to from us.

What are the shipping costs?
Home décor
- The Netherlands: free shipping with an order amount of €50. With an order amount under €50, the shipping costs are €4,95.
- Belgium: free shipping with an order amount of €50. With an order amount under €50, the shipping costs are €4,95.
- Germany: free shipping with an order amount of €50. With an order amount under €50, the shipping costs are €6,95.
- European Union: free shipping with an order amount of €100. With an order amount under €100, the shipping costs are €9,95. Except for:
- Bulgaria, Greece & Hungary: free shipping with an order amount of €100. With an order amount under €100, the shipping costs are €14,95.
- United Kingdom, Switzerland & Norway: temporarily unavailable.

- The Netherlands: full-service delivery (€100).
- The Netherlands - Wadden Islands: full-service delivery (€200).
- Belgium - Flanders: full-service delivery (€100).
- Belgium - Brussels: full-service delivery (€100).
- Belgium - Wallonia: full-service delivery (€150).
- Germany - West (zone 1-2): full-service delivery (€200).
- Germany - East (zone 3-4): full-service delivery (€300).
- France - North (zone 1-2): doorstep delivery (€200).
- France - South (zone 3-5): doorstep delivery (€300).
- European Union: doorstep delivery (from €200 to €700).
- United Kingdom, Switzerland & Norway: temporarily unavailable.

Click here for the shipping rates overview.

What does full-service delivery mean?
We offer full-service delivery on furniture in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. This means that we deliver your new furniture inside your home and will not leave until it is fully assembled in the room of your choice. We will take all packaging material with us when we leave. Important: please check if the ordered furniture will fit your door, lift and/or staircase. If it will not fit, you can ask our delivery partner to bring a moving lift. Additional rental costs may vary per order.

What does doorstep delivery mean?
In European countries other than The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany we also deliver right to your doorstep, but unlike full-service delivery, carrying the order inside and assembling it are not included. This means you’ll have to arrange to have some helping hands and/or a moving lift yourself, to get your new furniture in place.

I need my furniture quickly. Is it possible to speed up the production process?
We understand you are eager to receive your new furniture. Our factories put time and effort into the production of your furniture. We can not make this process go faster. If you quickly need furniture, we recommend choosing from stock.

I have bought a home décor item at your WEBSHOP and would like to return it. What do I do? 
1. Place the item in the original package and make sure it’s securely packed. Include the original invoice and please fill in the return form.
2. Use the return label to send the item back to us within 14 days. We will take care of the shipment costs.
3. After we have received your package we will transfer the amount back to your account. This can take up to 14 days.   

I have bought a home décor item at your STORE and would like to return it. What do I do?
You can return or exchange the item within 14 days after purchase. Please pack the undamaged product in its original packaging and bring the original receipt. As we don't have any cash in-store we will transfer the amount back to your account. This can take up to 14 days.  

I have bought a piece of furniture at your webshop or store. Can I cancel my order or return the product?
Our furniture is made to order. For that reason, your order can not be cancelled or returned. For more information, please contact

What payment methods do you accept?
At our webshop, you can pay by credit card, iDEAL (The Netherlands), Bancontact (Belgium) or SOFORT Banking and Giropay (Germany). At our stores, you can pay by card. We do not take cash. 

What measures do you take to protect my privacy?
When you provide personal information or make a payment on our website, this is done via a secure connection. We have our systems up-to-date protected against intrusion, viruses and other attacks. FEST Amsterdam B.V. respects the privacy of all website users and ensures that the personal information you provide will be treated confidentially. Your data is used by us to conduct the orders as quickly and easily as possible. For the rest, we will use this information only with your permission.

Check our complete privacy policy for more information.

1. What are the shipping costs?

The shipping costs may vary, depending on where you live. You can find an overview of the shopping costs here.

2. When can I expect my order?

The lead times may vary per product. Wondering when you can expect your purchase? Check out the expected lead time on the product page of the product you’d like to buy. You can start the countdown from the moment your (down)payment has been processed. Online orders are nog eligible for pick up.

3. Is there a warranty? 

Yes! We want you to enjoy your purchase for many years. That's why you’ll receive a warranty period of three years. Also, we were in a good mood. 

4. When does Black Friday / Cyber Week take place?

Mark your calendar: 

Black Friday - 11.11.23 - 26.11.23

Cyber Week - 27.11.23 - 03.12.23

5. I have a promo code. Can I use it during Black Friday / Cyber Week? 
It’s not possible to combine this sale with other promotions, like promo codes.

8. Do showroom models from the FEST stores also participate?

Nop! Showroom models do not participate in Black Friday / Cyber Week. 

9. Can I return the products if I’m not satisfied?

Of course, see our return policy here.

10. Does the discount also apply to Protexx?

No. The discount only applies to selected FEST products and not Protexx.

11. Is it possible to store the stock furniture?

It's not possible to store stock items for a longer period of time. This is due to quick ship delivery. You can find the estimated delivery time on the specific product page.