FEST Projects

We are proud to work together with talented architects and interior decorators around the globe. Have a look at some of our favourite projects.

<p><strong>FEST × Karl Lagerfeld</strong></p>

FEST × Karl Lagerfeld

<p><strong>FEST × Happyhappyjoyjoy</strong></p>

FEST × Happyhappyjoyjoy

<p><strong>FEST × Fosbury & Sons</strong></p>

FEST × Fosbury & Sons

<p><strong>FEST x Adenouer</strong></p>

FEST x Adenouer

<p><strong>FEST x Grand Theatre de Geneva</strong></p>

FEST x Grand Theatre de Geneva

<p><strong>FEST x Van der Valk Deventer</strong></p>

FEST x Van der Valk Deventer

<p><strong>FEST × The Wing Flatiron</strong></p>

FEST × The Wing Flatiron

<p><strong>FEST × The Wing Bryant Park</strong></p>

FEST × The Wing Bryant Park

<p><strong>FEST × Studio Noun</strong></p>

FEST × Studio Noun

<p><strong>FEST × La Riviera</strong></p>

FEST × La Riviera

<p><strong>FEST × House of Dentons</strong></p>

FEST × House of Dentons

<p><strong>FEST × Hotel le Moulin de L

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FEST × Hotel le Moulin de L'Abbaye

<p><strong>FEST × Stedelijk Museum</strong></p>

FEST × Stedelijk Museum

<p><strong>FEST × Nazka</strong></p>

FEST × Nazka

<p><strong>FEST x Studio 34 South</strong></p>

FEST x Studio 34 South

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We believe beautiful things shouldn't cost the earth. But the fact is: they often do. That's why we're eager to continuously better ourselves. For a better world.