Tete a tete Martin Hirth

Rationality and basic forms meet flair - according to German designer Martin Hirth, that’s the best way to describe his style. But what about the man behind the design? A quick Q&A with the designer of the Bolster & Huf sofas, the Friday chairs and table, and funky candles like Miro, Gala, and Wocky. 

What do you consider your greatest achievement to date?
Fulfilling my dream to become a designer.

If Bolster was a person, how would you introduce him/her/them to your friends?
Hi folks! This is Bolster, he will be your best buddy – for sure!

Which of your FEST designs is your favourite?
That’s like having to choose between your kids: impossible! Just like each child, each design is beautiful in its own way.


What do your designs say about you?
That I’m trying to make the world an aesthetic and sustainable place.

What’s your best interior purchase ever and why?
A glossy, dark red lacquered high board. It’s a vintage find and it’s so clear and playful at the same time. Truly a unique piece of furniture.

What kind of home did you dream about as a kid?
As a kid I actually didn’t even think about any other home than the one I lived in. I grew up in a little village in the Black Forest (Germany). We were surrounded by nature, the perfect kids’ playground.


And now?
An old building in the hills of Tuscany–optimally with a sea view–would be my dream for now.

My biggest interior cringe is…
Low ceilings.

What can we always wake you up for? 
Something unexpected.

When was the last time you were proud? 
A few weeks ago, I received a parcel with the final prototypes of a very complex development. We've been working on this product for over two years, and it was quite challenging to perfect it.