In it together

It all starts with ourselves.

Our employees are the engine of our company. They are the heart that makes it all happen. We like to keep our heart – and head – healthy. 

How? Well to start, we separate waste in our stores and HQ. Our HQ staff has vegetarian lunches and works out together twice a week. Besides a healthy heart, we want our heart to be open and loved. No, we're not the most diverse company out there (yet) in terms of racial or social backgrounds, but that’s something we’d definitely like to work on. 

We also try to be more sustainable in our stores. By using - just like at the headquarters - biodegradable cups, tapping 100% green energy, recycling waste and putting timers on the lighting.


For a cleaner ocean

With the well known Dutch slogan 'a better environment starts with you' in mind, we have joined the Dopper Wave and thus promise to:

1. Ban single-use plastic water bottles.
2. Drink from the tap whenever we can.
3. Always bring our own reusable bottle.

Simple, everyday actions that help our oceans become cleaner and healthier again.

Want to learn more about our Designers?

We work with talented product designers. Newcomers & oldtimers. Big names & talented freshmen.