Local heroes

All furniture made in Europe, the majority even in the Netherlands.

It makes us super proud that all of our furniture is made close to home: Lithuania, Poland, Estonia and the majority even in The Netherlands! 

We've always believed in the possibilities of creating affordable design in our own little country. And so we did (and still do). We’ve already produced around 25.000 chairs, tables and stools, right here in the Netherlands!

Keeping things local allows us to stay in close contact with our factories and smoothly manage the quality of your new furniture and a safe work environment for our craftspeople. And the most important reason of all: it saves loads on toxic transport emissions. Same goes for the way we pack our items. Okay, flat packing a sofa is next to impossible, but things that can be flat packed – like tables – are flat packed. This way we save up on transport emissions even more. We love how smart thinking moves us towards a better world in all aspects.


Back to going local.

We talked about furniture, but what about our home décor? Where’s that made? Well, around 65% is made by small manufacturers in Asia: ceramics in China, glass in Taiwan and fabrics in India. They're experts on those materials so the quality and durability is high. But let's be frank: footprint-wise, producing this far from home isn't the best. Working on it! We’re proud to say more and more is made in Europe. We create plaids in Lithuania, lighting in Italy, fabrics in Portugal and even started a collab with two social workplaces in The Netherlands to produce our cushions and candles. Want to know more? Check out'Made socially'.

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We work with talented product designers. Newcomers & oldtimers. Big names & talented freshmen.